Jason Roy

Be the Telescope, not the Star

"I woke up in an ambulance covered in blood"…..   That's how this story goes… but we can't start or finish there.  That moment was simply the cumulative effect of my desire to be a STAR, and the Catalyst that caused me to be the telescope from that point on.  So...

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A father’s Perspective

A Father’s Perspective Most days start with a simple conversation… “Hey Kiddo’s what do you want for breakfast?” The response is very innocent but it speaks volumes to what we as parents hear at least 100 times from that point on every single day. “I want ………” fill in...

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5 Simple ways to make your day better

So what you may not know about me is that while in my blog posts and on stage I seem like one of the most positive people you've ever heard from… the truth is that in a lot of ways I tend to be the antithesis to some of my writings. I am by nature a somewhat negative...

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