Be the Telescope, not the Star

“I woke up in an ambulance covered in blood”…..   That’s how this story goes… but we can’t start or finish there.  That moment was simply the cumulative effect of my desire to be a STAR, and the Catalyst that caused me to be the telescope... read more

A father’s Perspective

A Father’s Perspective Most days start with a simple conversation… “Hey Kiddo’s what do you want for breakfast?” The response is very innocent but it speaks volumes to what we as parents hear at least 100 times from that point on every single day. “I want ………” fill in... read more

5 Simple ways to make your day better

So what you may not know about me is that while in my blog posts and on stage I seem like one of the most positive people you’ve ever heard from… the truth is that in a lot of ways I tend to be the antithesis to some of my writings. I am by nature a somewhat... read more


  It’s a common thread in everyone’s life.  We start out innocent, unaware of the good and the bad that we are capable of.  Children who are so unafraid of consequence and unaware of reason that we will climb a house to the roof just to say we did it and then... read more

You ran and held me close

So yesterday Building429 had a day off in Albuquerque, NM.  My wife and I are kind of on a rampage trying to find cool and out of the way things to do for our family, so sitting around a shopping area was out of the question.  Not to mention that my wife is a full on... read more

If You Weren’t Afraid To Fail

What would you attempt if you weren’t afraid to fail?   It’s a placard on my managers desk.  Every  time I walk in his office I stare at for a few seconds and then try to make an honest evaluation of if I’m living by that creed.  It was right after we had... read more

A Night of Hope and Healing: From the Inside

A Night of Hope and Healing: From the inside   There is no doubt that every artist in the arena felt called to be there.  The list was amazing.  Building429 was just one band in a HUGE lineup of artists who decided to go and do whatever we could to try to bring... read more

“All Worship is Fake”

    REALLY??????  COME ON NOW. I had a friend from twitter send me this subject for a blog… and after praying about it, I felt that I might be able to shed some light on the subject and so I began to write this.  The short of it is that this person had... read more


Hello to the world that I’ve been neglecting for some time now.  I do truly apologize for my absence.  I’m going to bring this BLOG to you REAL though… I mean I’m gonna let you inside some of my greatest fears and discouragements so that I can make... read more

Everyone needs a Michael Anderson!!

Everyone needs a Michael Anderson. People come to see Building 429 shows and they always tend to be really stunned at the way that we interact with each other on stage and off.  Yeah the show is HIGH intensity and yeah we are a united front when we walk on the stage.... read more