The Power of “NO”

Let me start this by saying that I am writing this one for me.  I’ll probably have to turn around and read this a hundred times over the next few months.  That said…. Let me just say that I understand what it feels like to be running around like a chicken... read more

Habits, Behaviors, and Truths

Matt Cavenaugh was his name…. the coolest guy in the school.  Everybody loved the guy…. girls and guys and when you’re in middle school, like I was at the time, you just want to be around a guy like that.  He was awesome at soccer…. the best player on the team... read more


Run!!!!! Walking through the airport this morning I caught a glimpse of a special Father-daughter moment and it melted me down a bit.  Dad had just come off of a plane and he was holding the hand of his little toddler blonde haired blue eyed girl.  Everything was... read more

10 Reasons I’m STILL Married to my Wife

10 Reasons I’m STILL Married to my Wife   So I thought about my last blog and how many comments I got on it and realized that I didn’t tell the whole story. That blog was simply a way for me to tell you guys what I saw that made me fall in love with Cortni. Then... read more

6 Reasons I Married my Wife

  Today I have been married for 11 years.  It’s been the most believable ride of my life…. I can look back and now and say that it is obvious that God has been with my wife Cortni and I the whole time.  There were really good times, really bad... read more

From Hurt to Anger to Mercy to Freedom

From Hurt to Anger to Mercy to Freedom Thoughts on Parents…. From Hurt to Anger to Mercy to Freedom   So I wrote this on an airplane from Manila to Detroit and after I re-read it I realize that there are about a billion sub categorical posts that could be... read more

Respect and Resolution

RESPECT and RESOLUTION   When we don’t see eye to eye with someone it’s always hard. Especially when that someone happens to have the power to make your life harder.  Think about it… what about those moments when there is a hard to love person in your church who... read more

Calculated Sacrifice

CALCULATED SACRIFICE In this life you have to WORK.  Nobody gives you anything in this life.  Today more than ever as I am entering the “mid thirties” I am constantly challenged by the young generation coming up.  I have suddenly been put in the position... read more

Humbled Vs Humiliated

HUMBLED Vs. HUMILIATED Humility is something that we all need more of…. and the one thing that we all fear the most is being humiliated right?  These are the worst moments in our lives… they can scar us forever… they hurt, we wonder why, and ultimately they do change... read more