Jason Roy


  It’s a common thread in everyone’s life.  We start out innocent, unaware of the good and the bad that we are capable of.  Children who are so unafraid of consequence and unaware of reason that we will climb a house to the roof just to say we did it and then...

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She Wore Purple

I remember the wedding rehearsal, the way she walked, the way she talked.  She wore a purple outfit and seemed to float around the church hall.  She had all of her best friends with her and she was a picture of joy.  I knew how lucky I was… I knew she deserved someone...

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Don’t Hate it God Made it

So for about a year now I've been saying that phrase in reference to my own struggles with ADD and the realities of me being a bit of a loose canon.  At first it just flew out of my mouth kind of non chalantly and people just cracked up when I said it… so as with...

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