Jason Roy

Everyone needs a Michael Anderson!!

Everyone needs a Michael Anderson. People come to see Building 429 shows and they always tend to be really stunned at the way that we interact with each other on stage and off.  Yeah the show is HIGH intensity and yeah we are a united front when we walk on the stage....

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The Power of “NO”

Let me start this by saying that I am writing this one for me.  I'll probably have to turn around and read this a hundred times over the next few months.  That said.... Let me just say that I understand what it feels like to be running around like a chicken with your...

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Habits, Behaviors, and Truths

Matt Cavenaugh was his name…. the coolest guy in the school.  Everybody loved the guy…. girls and guys and when you're in middle school, like I was at the time, you just want to be around a guy like that.  He was awesome at soccer…. the best player on the team in...

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