Jason Roy


Run!!!!! Walking through the airport this morning I caught a glimpse of a special Father-daughter moment and it melted me down a bit.  Dad had just come off of a plane and he was holding the hand of his little toddler blonde haired blue eyed girl.  Everything was...

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10 Reasons I’m STILL Married to my Wife

10 Reasons I’m STILL Married to my Wife   So I thought about my last blog and how many comments I got on it and realized that I didn’t tell the whole story. That blog was simply a way for me to tell you guys what I saw that made me fall in love with Cortni. Then...

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6 Reasons I Married my Wife

  Today I have been married for 11 years.  It's been the most believable ride of my life.... I can look back and now and say that it is obvious that God has been with my wife Cortni and I the whole time.  There were really good times, really bad times.... and...

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