Don’t Hate it God Made it

So for about a year now I’ve been saying that phrase in reference to my own struggles with ADD and the realities of me being a bit of a loose canon.  At first it just flew out of my mouth kind of non chalantly and people just cracked up when I said it… so as... read more


It’s amazing to me the differences between people.  So many lines that define us that are constantly being twisted around to benefit the line drawers.  You walk into church on Sunday morning you see all of God’s creation, in all of their splendor, and some... read more

So… you want the truth???

SO YOU WANT THE TRUTH   This is the main idea for my BLOG.  To write all of my truest most honest opinions on different subjects.  Starting with what I know best.  Being a Husband, Father, Son, Leader, Follower, Musician, Artist, Worship leader, business owner,... read more