This is the main idea for my BLOG.  To write all of my truest most honest opinions on different subjects.  Starting with what I know best.  Being a Husband, Father, Son, Leader, Follower, Musician, Artist, Worship leader, business owner, songwriter etc. and friend to all those in my life.  You will hear opinions and realities here that you will never hear on the Building 429 pages, because these thought processes will be my own…. it’s hard to speak for the 3 other extremely wise men that I share most of my life with.  In fact, in a lot of ways its unfair.  Just because I have the gift of “gab” and they don’t, doesn’t mean that they alway agree with me on everything that I say and or do.  Dustin York, and Brian Coleman at Grace Community Church are my dearest friends and they are my coworkers, but again, just because I have something to say doesn’t mean that it’s fair for them to have to agree on everything that I say and do.  Therefore, I say again… this BLOG will be MY THOUGHTS, emotions, and beliefs on display.  What is the purpose??  To inspire you.  To help you to become a more direct person… and more confident person, one who isn’t afraid to dream even when those around you tell you that you shouldn’t.  Yes in a lot of ways it will be about me, but it will also be about humanity at large and the ways that I think it could be better.  You will be able to challenge me, but you will also hear my most direct and honest responses.  Yeah, on this blog page if you choose to attack my opinions, I won’t be afraid to FIRE BACK.  This will not be a politically correct situation as the Building429 Facebook/twitter/ always is.

So if you dare to look inside the mind of an self ascribed workaholic/ dreamer/ lover/ fighter/ leader/ follower/ award winning/ failure/ then this blog should really be quite a treat… and maybe, just maybe I can learn as much from you as you ever will from me.
Soooo…. You want the truth:  Here it comes!