If You Weren’t Afraid To Fail

What would you attempt if you weren’t afraid to fail?   It’s a placard on my managers desk.  Every  time I walk in his office I stare at for a few seconds and then try to make an honest evaluation of if I’m living by that creed.  It was right after we had... read more

A Night of Hope and Healing: From the Inside

A Night of Hope and Healing: From the inside   There is no doubt that every artist in the arena felt called to be there.  The list was amazing.  Building429 was just one band in a HUGE lineup of artists who decided to go and do whatever we could to try to bring... read more


Hello to the world that I’ve been neglecting for some time now.  I do truly apologize for my absence.  I’m going to bring this BLOG to you REAL though… I mean I’m gonna let you inside some of my greatest fears and discouragements so that I can make... read more

Everyone needs a Michael Anderson!!

Everyone needs a Michael Anderson. People come to see Building 429 shows and they always tend to be really stunned at the way that we interact with each other on stage and off.  Yeah the show is HIGH intensity and yeah we are a united front when we walk on the stage.... read more


Run!!!!! Walking through the airport this morning I caught a glimpse of a special Father-daughter moment and it melted me down a bit.  Dad had just come off of a plane and he was holding the hand of his little toddler blonde haired blue eyed girl.  Everything was... read more

Slow Burn Vs. Fast Burn

Slow Burn Vs. Fast Burn The plight of many a youngster today seems to be the thought process of “going viral”.  Even my son who is only 9 is constantly talking about videos that his friends have shown him of animated stick figure cartoons that are getting... read more

I’m gonna be an ARTIST

I’m Gonna Be An Artist   You’re young, you’re fired up, you’re EXTREMELY talented and you want to be the next big CCM artist.  Congratulations boys it’s gonna take 10 years!!  If that bothers you…. go back to school now, get your... read more